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August 2011    
Artist's comment/Project description:
-->>STOP MOVIE<<--                                 
"interACTicons, remixed is a social-media terminology re-enactment using online video clips collected recently during the transmediale.11 festival in Berlin, Germany,
for the interACTicons project. interACTicons are short audience/visitor submitted performative video-interpretations of social-networking activities such as "friend, follow,
like, etc." For the original interACTicons performance in Berlin I used 40 social-networking sites from around the globe as 'score'. The score of interACTicons, remixed is
based solely on the source code of softwareandart.com, the website of 'Leaders in Software and Art', who invited me to this show. I scanned their website for the above
mentioned social-activity terms which determine the choreography of this video."