by Ursula Endlicher |                                                       remixed
Online-Action-Library / Intro / Installation & Workshop / Performance: Photos / Video 2011
interACTicons, live! reverse-engineers (re)actions such as "like" or "friend" used excessively in social media communication into a new and complex visual,
performative and emotional language - on the fly.

In this newly staged data performance Ursula Endlicher and Yuki Kawahisa use streams of social-media actions scraped from the most used social-media sites
of 2011 as score. They alternately re-enact corresponding videos from the user-submitted archive/database or create a new physical vocabulary for each action.

The performance interACTicons,live! 2020 took place on Zoom at a Night of Performances during the exhibit Traces of Life at Hive Art Community, Brooklyn,
on October 22, 2020.