by Ursula Endlicher |                                                       remixed - InterACTicons, live! 2020
Online-Action-Library / Intro / Installation & Workshop / Performance

The "walk-in/workshop" installation for interACTicons consists of a Film-Station, a Browse-Station, a Rehearsal area, and a Gather-and-Think area.

First, there's the "film-station", where short movie clips for each of the social media terms can be produced. Using a custom-developed camera software for web-cam a visitor can record short movie clips on location. Second, the "browse" section, displaying the ever-changing Online-Action-Library, where submitted material can be followed in real time. Depending on the scope and scale of the installation, there can be a third area, the "rehearsal area" where performers/dancers or the audience can rehearse and enact their "physical" interpretation of social media terminology. Plus a "gather and think" area invites passers-by to linger, watch, and discuss their thoughts and ideas.

At Transmediale.11, the interACTicons walk-in installation consisted of all four areas; inside the installation workshops and rehearsals were held on a daily basis.

>> Below are some drafts/photos of the installation area, workshops and rehearsals at transmediale.11 - Click on thumbnails to enlarge (the last two will link to Flickr).

U. Endlicher - interACTicons Ursula Endlicher - interACTicons © Jonathan Gršger / transmediale
Concept/Idea/Installation Layout/Web Design: Ursula Endlicher
Dancers: Andrea Jane Dispenziere, Regina Sobel
Database/CMS Programming/interACTicons Film-Station Application: David Farine
interACTicons Film-Station and Browse-Station metal interface display: Lee Day

The transmediale.11 festival took place at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin; the interACTicons installation was located in the Open Zone - a city-like structure situated in the foyer of HDK, composed of a meandering walkway and white fabric walls circumfencing several artist's installations.
(The performance interACTicons, live! took place at the Cafe Stage.)