by Ursula Endlicher |                                                       remixed - InterACTicons, live! 2020
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On stage @ Transmediale, 2011: The world's 40 most popular social networking sites such as facebook, twitter or friendster, re-enacted through audience participation. And as in this version - further interpreted through live dance!
Here's how (including some tech background): Online social activities are choreographing the course of the performance. A php-progam is scraping each of the 40 social networking sites for its usage of specific "social activity" terminology - terms such as "follow" or "friend" - and is matching these words with collected video and image material from the Online-Action-Library, which holds videos submitted by users/visitors for each of these terms/categories.
The result: a constant flow of social networking activity, enacted by new visual, gestural and performative video interpretations by the audience.

View here the Web- and audience-driven data performance of interACTicons, live! - the ongoing flow of audience videos interpreting 40 social netoworking sites...!
(First time viewers: Videos will take time to download.)
At transmediale the live dance-enhanced performance interACTicons, live! included several streams of incoming social networking information - projected into the performance space - which were enacted by two dancers: Andrea Jane Dispenziere and Regina Sobel.
The first projection showed the display of the audience submitted video material based on the current "terminology" per website. The second projection displayed the most used online activity per website. Both of these "info streams" were interpreted alternately by the two dancers.
The third input stream showed the interaction by the live audience, which was invited to create their videos "on the fly" in response to the live performance... which closed the circle of performer/stage and audience.
The collage of these information streams and dance movements became a social media enactment staged within an audience-driven theater; a performative new-media commentary on our social behavior online.

>> Below are some photos from interACTicons, live! at transmediale.11 - Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Concept/Idea/Installation Layout/Sound/Web Design/Web Code: Ursula Endlicher
Dancers: Andrea Jane Dispenziere, Regina Sobel
Database/CMS Programming/interACTicons Film-Station Application: David Farine
interACTicons Film-Station metal interface display: Lee Day
The performance interACTicons, live! took place at the Cafe Stage at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.